Fighting for Children’s Rights

We are an international cooperation NGO that works to promote and defend the rights of the most vulnerable children and strengthen the communities they live in to achieve a lasting improvement in their quality of life.

Our projects aim to improve children’s access to education, food, and healthcare, as well as to implement training programs and to engage in the local development of communities most tainted by poverty and inequality, especially peasants, those of African descent, and indigenous people. They have the highest rates of illiteracy and preventable diseases, as well as lack of access to land to produce food that will allow them to live with dignity.

Since 1999, we have been promoting participatory and sustainable development processes. We are currently present in Guatemala, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Côte d’Ivoire, India, Cambodia, and Jordan.

Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid

Through Development Cooperation projects, we reach out to children living in poverty in countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. We work towards strengthening the communities they live in to improve their situation and create changes that will help them have access to a better future.

Global Humanitaria also provides services to humanitarian crisis victims by satisfying their basic needs and helping them overcome the critical times, as well as restoring their rights. Through Humanitarian Aid projects, we serve child victims of armed conflicts who have faced situations of forced and massive displacement in the Middle East, in order to promote their physical, psychological, and emotional recovery.

This was part of our work in 2019.