On the island of Kumirmari, Sunderbans, we run a literacy project for women to improve their economic and social conditions, thereby promoting gender equality and their participation in the family and community sphere. It also aims to let them have a voice in the education of their children, especially their daughters.

The low female literacy rate (only 31% have completed primary school) has negative effects on the development of the local population, all the more so on women themselves. The training helps to empower them to be independent and to put an end to the discrimination and violence they are facing. 

The literacy program is aimed at women who have been left out of the school system. With the training undergone comes an increase in women’s participation in positions of responsibility in local community organizations, in the awareness and knowledge of their fundamental rights, and in the awareness of the community about gender-related issues, as well as in the development opportunities of the entire population.

In Kumirmari, 117 women aged 15 to 60 participate in the project.

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