In Seribadougou, Vavoua, in collaboration with the local community, we built a school canteen and a new school with toilet facilities for more than 300 primary school students.

In Daloa, Bouaffle, and Vavoua, we work towards improving children’s access to primary education and fighting school absenteeism and dropout, especially among girls, due to lack of infrastructure or because they lack the means to do so, among other reasons. Therefore, together with the local communities, we promote the construction of school canteens and schools. In 2019, we opened two new schools: one in Diolabougou and another in Seribadougou, as well as a school canteen in Seribadougou for 300 students, in addition to those already established in Sikaboutou, Dema, and Bodouakro. The literacy courses we give also play a key role in keeping children in school.

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