In collaboration with the NGO Al Mahd for Training and Social Development, our therapeutic medical care program facilitates disabled Syrian refugee children’s access to physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation services. It covers prosthetic and orthopedic implants for amputees, psychological care, and psychotherapeutic activities through art therapy.

Jordan is one of the main host countries for Syrian refugees escaping from war. Education and health are basic services operating beyond capacity due to enormous demand and scarce resources allocated, especially when more specialized treatments such as prosthetic implants and rehabilitation are necessary.

Global Humanitaria’s therapeutic medical care facilitates the access of 27 disabled Syrian refugee children to physical, psychological, and emotional recovery services. The medical care provided includes:

  • Physiotherapy sessions,
  • Prosthetic fitting,
  • Provision of ways and means for their mobility and surgery, and
  • Psychological care and psychotherapeutic activities.

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