Medical care is provided on the island of Kumirmari to about 1,125 children benefiting from the educational project, as well as their families composed of around 600 adults. Training sessions are conducted and awareness campaigns are carried out at the Health Center on health and good hygiene practices.

The Kumirmari Health Center in the Sunderbans has general practitioners and homeopaths who visit on a weekly basis.

The Health Center provides healthcare to the school population and their families of around 1,800 people throughout the year.

Primary care medical visits, diagnosis, and treatment of children from educational centers and villages on the island of Kumirmari are carried out at the Health Center. The program includes referrals for hospitalization or to other health centers with more means for medical care. This year, around 50 mosquito nets were distributed as well to the project beneficiaries.

Moreover, health and hygiene training is given to the beneficiaries of our projects and awareness campaigns on good hygiene practices. The Health Center is managed by our local partner MARCHD-NIDS and fully subsidized by Global Humanitaria.

Beneficiaries: approximately 1,125 children and 600 adults

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