Since August, we have been conducting fun educational Globalita Talent Club workshops virtually to avoid the risk of Covid-19 infections. Through WhatsApp, 50 schoolchildren from vulnerable families receive their classes and tutorials sent by their teachers.

This approach intends to give children and teenagers leisure options in their free time through the performing arts, theater, and sports, and to let them explore other options to participate and lead in building spaces for peaceful coexistence in their households and communities. Thus, they can face quarantine in a positive way and avoid its socio-emotional impact.

Classes are held twice a week. Instructors prepare working guides and send them to each child via WhatsApp or Facebook, or physically when the former is not possible. Afterwards, each child sends the instructor evidence of the exercises they’ve accomplished by way of photos or videos recorded by their family, part of the artistic and sports training process at home.

In addition, these children have received donations in the form of personal hygiene kits, grocery products from Manitoba, and footballs from Efecty. So far, we have delivered 1,170 emergency food packages.

The Tumaco Education Secretariat, in coordination with the Educational Institutions in rural and urban areas, also delivers food aid, as part of the school feeding program, to the families of students enrolled under SIMAT. At the moment, the restriction imposed on returning to schools is retained.

Image: A schoolgirl receives material from the Globalita Talent Club in Tumaco, Colombia (Global Humanitaria)