The project aims to promote young people and schoolchildren’s skills for effective participation, democracy, and social control in Tumaco, a strategic municipality that continues to suffer violence from illegal armed groups fighting for drug trafficking control, despite peace agreements. With nothing that can be done, and with high unemployment and poverty rates, the youth do not have options for their future.

Hence, we promote their training and participation in settings where they can take initiatives to improve their living conditions. To this end, we are in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, which supports this peacebuilding project. The project aims to strengthen the abilities of the youth to defend their rights and create opportunities. These include:

  • Trainers’ training, aimed at youth leaders from the Municipal Youth Platform and the School of Leadership promoted by Global Humanitaria; -training in topics such as citizen participation mechanisms and social transformation leadership.
  • Training in seven schools of members of the educational community (teachers, students, and families) from classrooms, and of School Governments in the exercise of active citizenship, and streamlining of School Coexistence Committees to reduce cases of school violence and create safe and protective environments in schools.
  • Inter-institutional coordination on youth issues, establishing a setting for dialogue between the Development and Social Integration Offices, the Municipal Youth Office, and the Education Secretariat to define joint actions and promote participation, democracy, and peaceful coexistence.

Beneficiaries: 34 youth leaders, 210 school government members, 35 teachers and indirect counselors, 1,800 primary school students, and 700 students from the School of Democracy courses

The project is carried out with the support of USAID.

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