In Tumaco and Fco Pizarro, we work to improve the literacy of children who are caught in the middle of an armed conflict through the revitalization of school libraries and the use of alternative spaces such as the Bicibiblioteca del Saber (Mobile Library of Knowledge). We train teachers in pedagogical practices and, in collaboration with MSF, we have worked towards reducing violent behavior in school and family settings.

The Educating for Peace project aims to enhance the capabilities of the Afro-Colombian educational community to improve their school performance and enhance their peaceful coexistence as transformative tools towards peacebuilding in communities affected by the armed conflict and now suffering from post-conflict violence. It is carried out in 18 schools and, in the first instance, focuses on improving children’s reading and writing skills through different action points:

1- Revitalization of school libraries. We continue to support the school libraries in Tumaco and Francisco Pizarro through the following:

– Joining 54 teachers from the learning communities in using the school libraries.

– Meetings with the learning communities for training and sharing of experiences in the use of school libraries, creation of a network of school libraries in Tumaco, sharing of contents, and serving as a consultant to students and teachers.

2- Walking hand in hand with teachers for the development of reading, writing, and oral skills, with technical assistance provided to 54 primary school teachers to incorporate the school library into their classroom plans.

3- Developing socio-emotional skills to build a culture of peace aimed at children, teachers, and families through training in emotional self-care, violence prevention, and conflict management.

4- Supporting two innovative community libraries in Barrio El Morrito, one of the neighborhoods most affected by violence, together with recreational and cultural activities to encourage and enhance the literacy of children and stimulate community life affected by the armed conflict.

Beneficiaries: 120 children and 200 families

5- Delivering school supplies kits to 4,100 sponsored children

Beneficiaries: 54 teachers and 1,430 children

In addition to Educating for Peace, our educational project includes fun educational workshops for the development of self-care skills among sponsored children and teenagers. Beneficiaries: 1,200 children

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