Q’omer yachaywasikuna, resilient schools to address issues of food security and effects of climate change in the
rural communities of Cochabamba. Through this project, we promote actions to lessen the vulnerability of 63 schools
in Arbieto, Tarata, and Vacas to the effects of a changing climate.

Among others, there are community-based environmental education practices in those schools, environmental management practices, and consumable rainwater collection systems in two highly vulnerable schools where we are conducting a pilot project. Participating in this project are 8,030 students and 200 teachers.

The project also includes reforestation and afforestation campaigns on the lands of the two educational centers where the pilot project is being carried out: Villa San José School in Tarata and Juntutuyu School in Vacas, in collaboration with the Ismael Montes Higher School for Teacher Training, in order to protect water sources and recover degraded areas.

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