In Cochabamba, we have recently concluded the fourth round of disinfection of 27 schools, attended by more than 3,400 students, as part of the covid prevention actions, aligning ourselfs with the national plan for a safe return to school, which Global Humanitaria complements with sessions on health and environmental care in educational centers.  

On the other hand, our food security program continues as planned. These are the latest actions: 

-In October we harvested 127 kg of vegetables and greens in the school gardens, which complement the food of the students in five school canteens: Juntutuyo, Pedregal, Parko Kocha, Cañada Grande and Vacas. At the same time, the soil is prepared, and cabbage, radishes and chard are planted.

-We have also delivered dry food (vegetables, canned food) that will be used in the preparation of the menus.

-Training in food management and hygiene continues for the families who run the school canteens.