We conduct this project in four schools in indigenous communities in southern Petén, where we have established school canteens for students and supported three educational gardens pursuant to the “Learning by Doing” methodology“.

This project covers the following:

  • Monitoring the four school canteens where food rations are distributed during the school year to about 510 primary school students.
  • Growing crops for consumption in three school gardens in Colonia Lourdes, San Francisco Mollejón, and Nueva Cadenita.
  • “Learning by Doing” methodology that involves students and their parents as well as teachers in the management of the gardens, which are seen as a center of production and learning.

Covering topics such as nutrition, organic farming, and responsible consumption.

  • Training teachers in food safety.
  • Sessions to raise awareness about gender equality for families.
  • Strengthening food safety commissions in each community (COCOSAN); weight, height, and de-worming sessions for schoolchildren; medical check-ups for mothers in charge of preparing menus; and official events centered around food preparation and transformation.

Beneficiaries: 510 schoolchildren from four primary schools in indigenous Maya Q’eqchi’ communities.

You can watch a video about the women in Petén here.

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