We make efforts to address the identified needs of the people within the framework of the Municipal Indigenous and Afro-Colombian Nutrition and Food Plan of Tumaco. In this light, we promote healthy school environments and healthy eating habits, the Tangareal school farm, and the establishment of family gardens in San Luis Robles.

The objective of the program is to take action to improve the health and food safety conditions of the school population and their families. Hence, we carry out the following:

1- Promotion of healthy school environments: we join teachers from six schools in Tumaco and two schools in Francisco Pizarro in conducting educational and recreational activities to promote healthy lifestyles.

Beneficiaries: 1,092 schoolchildren

2- Educational school farm: at Tangareal School, we support food production on the school farm, within an educational proposal that promotes healthy eating habits among students, the consumption of plant-based foods, and the revival of consumption of traditional foods.

Beneficiaries: 860 schoolchildren

3- Family gardens: we offer training sessions to families of malnourished children in San Luis Robles for them to be able to start their own home gardens and promote healthy lifestyle habits.

Beneficiaries: 16 families