Global Humanitaria promotes schooling among rural folks in Traing District, Takeo, where we started our activities in 2004. We supported 23 schools and their teachers, as well as conducted enrollment campaigns, distributed school supplies, and established school gardens.

The distribution of the School Support Fund supports 23 schools, more than 340 teachers, and 3,000 children and their families to address their needs and the challenges they face by:

  • Paying additional salaries to offer greater incentives to underpaid teachers.
  • Supporting audits by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with school committees and AREDOC, to ensure that schools have the necessary materials and facilities and that teachers are complying with the government agenda and guidelines.
  • Launching a campaign in schools and villages in Traing District to improve enrollment rates.
  • Conducting school monitoring with respect to families and children in vulnerable situations to encourage them to start or continue their schooling.
  • Delivering school support kits that include uniforms, shoes, a backpack, and school supplies on an annual basis.
  • Supporting teachers for improvement in the training and teaching aspects.

The following are also included:

  • Establishing two school gardens in Prey Phavv and Samor as part of a life skills curriculum,
  • Conducting activities to raise awareness about healthy practices and proper hygiene.

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