Global Humanitaria continues to deliver food packages to Maya Q’eqchi’ communities in Guatemala, where the pandemic is taking a toll on the nutritional conditions of families, especially children.

“Today, I no longer had anything to give them,” one mother from Colonia Lourdes told Elder, who coordinates our field team’s food aid deliveries and explains to us that the situation is seriously affecting numerous hard-to-reach communities already lacking in basic needs such as access to water.

In Colonia Lourdes, our team has delivered a month’s supply of beans, sugar, cinnamon, and fortified warm corn gruel (ingredients for preparing a highly nutritious drink) to 75 schoolchildren who are now studying from home.

Many parents are day laborers who now have reduced work opportunities due to restrictions implemented in the face of Covid-19, and this has affected household finances and the supply of necessary and sufficient food for adequate nutrition. In addition to loss of employment is the lack of access to markets, whose impact is greater on rural indigenous populations, the most impoverished members of society. The food packages benefit 250 people in total.

Image: To deliver food aid, we convened families in schools. For those who live farther from the center, we bring food to their homes. (Global Humanitaria)