In Kafanadougou (Daloa), we have built a new school canteen with the help of the community. The inauguration is scheduled for early October, when students can go back to school.

It is the rainy season for now, and the children help their parents gather crops and clean the fields. Families are also waiting for the government to set the price of cacao to sell it and thus be able to pay for their children’s schooling.

Inadequate diet, bad environmental conditions, poor hygiene, and limited access to water as well as medical services mean that many of the children in these areas suffer from malnutrition. In emergency situations such as the present pandemic, the lack of institutional support against a backdrop of greater food insecurity and the general conditions of poverty further exacerbate the problem. The school canteen aims to improve nutrition and strengthen the schooling consistency of 160 students.

Image: New school canteen in Kafanadougou (Daloa, Côte d’Ivoire) (Global Humanitaria)